Five different channels of brand advertising!

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Five different channels of brand advertising!

Promoting a product, service or idea requires an advertising practice. Through advertising, brand and service owners reach out to potential customers and convey the message. There are various types and channels of advertising such as television, radio, newspaper, magazines, billboards, posters. Through one or multiple media channel, advertisers reach out to prospects or customers thereby conveying the brand message. An advertising media plays an important role in the overall marketing activity of a product or service.  In the following paragraphs, five different channels or advertising are briefly explained. Take a look-

Different channels of advertising-

Broadcast media- Television and radio commercials are usually known as broadcast advertising. Through broadcast media, an advertiser reaches out to a broad audience. Also known as mass marketing, broadcast media provides national or even worldwide audiences with rich impact about the brand. Major brand and service owners launch their promotion campaigns through broadcast advertising channels.

Print Media- Any printed form or version of brand promotion comes under print advertising. Leaflets, pamphlets, flyers, posters, classifieds etc come under print advertising. A print ad is effective only if people see or read it. In order, to provide an affective impact on customers, print advertisers should ensure that they provide the brand message in an interesting manner.

Outdoor media- Any type or practice of brand promotion launched through an outdoor media such as billboard, street furniture, transit media, posters etc come under outdoor advertising. Airport Advertising, Mall Advertising, Metro Advertising etc are some avenues of outdoor advertising.

Online media- Brand messages that are accessible through online media comes under online advertising. PPCs, Viral marketing, EDMs, Banners etc come under web or online advertising. Internet is a must to reach out to customers through this advertising media.

Mobile media- The mobile phones we use as a communication devise are also discovered as an effective advertising media. Usually known as mobile advertising, brand promotion practice through mobile media is emerging as one of the in demand tools by wide range of brand owners and advertisers. is the pivotal hub of Worldwide Advertising.WWAdN shares extensive resources on Advertising and its various avenues such as Airport Advertising, Advertising Network, outdoor advertising, Television Advertising, Print Advertising, Radio Advertising, Internet Advertising Mobile Advertising etc.

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