No Credit Check, Easy Qualify, Short Term Small Business Loans, Working Capital Financing Up To $50,000

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No Credit Check, Easy Qualify, Short Term Small Business Loans, Working Capital Financing Up To ,000

No credit check, easy qualify short term small business loans, working capital financing up to ,000 is available in today’s financial market. This gives the established small business a great opportunity to obtain short working capital for their business with out a personal credit check.  This no credit check short term small business loan program isn’t a merchant cash advance or merchant loan. Additionally, it isn’t related to the payday loan program.

 This no credit check short term small business loan program is constructed in the following manner. The small business applicant should follow the below guidelines:


1)   Maintain at least a ,000 ending bank balance in their business account

2)       Deposit at least 10-15 times per month in their business account

3)       Be in business at one year and establish the ability to repay back the loan

4)       Have no outstanding  large tax liens, delinquent child support issues, not currently in bankruptcy or foreclosure


         Documentation Requirements


1)   Signed and dated application

2)       Provide a copy of the detailed business bank statements for the last four months 

3)       Copy of the Owners Drivers Licenses

4)       A copy of the Articles of Incorporation if Applicable

5)       Copy of a business license, tax id number or any other relevant license


 The lender will advance up to 2.5 x the average ending balance on the business bank account for the last four months up to ,000. These are business loans and the length of the loan is four months which can be renewed. The loan can replace a merchant cash advance if it doesn’t exceed 40% of the eligible borrowing base. At funding, the lender will pay off the merchant cash advance or loan and pay you the difference.

 Example, your monthly average ending balance in your business bank account is ,000 for four months. Your borrowing base would be ,000 x 2.5 or ,000. If your current cash merchant advance is ,000, the lender at funding would payoff the merchant first and remit to you the difference for ,000. Obviously if you didn’t have an outstanding merchant cash advance, this area wouldn’t apply.


The types of businesses that would be great for this type of loan would be the following:

 Gas stations, restaurants, bars, discos, tanning salons, pizza shops, dry cleaners, doctors, dentists, physicians,  lawyers, accountants, Cpas, limousine owners, automobile service centers and  body repair shops, dog groomers, florists, beauty and nail shops, distributors,  all different types of service providers.


In conclusion, this is a great opportunity to obtain short term small business loan financing in this tough economy. This isn’t a merchant cash advance or loan program which can be quite tedious in its paperwork and processor work requirements. This great business loan program isn’t credit driven, therefore your Fico Score isn’t an issue.. These small business loans can be renewed every four months if needed by the applicant and gives the business a working capital injection.

  Happy hunting for your short term small business loan and its related working capital financing.





Rick has over thiry years in the financial field, including financing, business loans, leasing, working capital and hard asset money loans, and commercial lending

U.S Corporate Capital Leasing assists the start up and seasoned businesses for all its financing needs in many different industries.


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